Our Curriculum

Kinderworld provides a varied and stimulating program aimed at developing the child’s holistic development in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) focusing on Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Belonging – to my family, friends and the community
Being – a time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world through play.
Becoming – a valued member of society. All that l can be.

We create a child directed Emergent Curriculum based on observations of the child’s individual interests, skills and strengths and provide them with opportunity and space to explore, investigate and create in an enjoyable and challenging manner.

Koala Room: 6 weeks – 18 months

Our experienced educators provide individual and nurturing care according to your baby’s personal needs. This in an environment full of programs and various age appropriate experiences. Our programs are designed to stimulate and encourage your child to explore and develop. Activities include

  • Art with Renuka,
  • PMP
  • Nursery Rhymes and Visual story telling
  • Sensory Activities
  • Hey Dee Ho Music
  • Guitar Songs with Brad
  • Outdoor Play
  • Nature exploration and discovery

Wombat Room: 18 months – 3 years

Our Wombat Room is run by experienced educators who cater for toddlers. Our focus is to create a full program of engaging and interactive activities where they are free to observe, question experiment and explore

Activities include

  • Hey Dee Ho Music (Music and movement)
  • Cooking (Numeracy, language and fine motor skills)
  • Play dough
  • PMP (Gross motor skill program)
  • Art using a variety of materials
  • Guitar songs
  • Toilet training (Good hygiene practices)

Joey Room: Pre-Kinder

Our Joey Room is run by an experienced Qualified Educator and an Assistant who set appropriate, realistic yet challenging goals for the 3-4 years age group. Children in the Joey room can demonstrate much more independence in all their life skills. Their social skills have developed from parallel play to the beginning of co-operative play.

This age group is extremely curious and experimental; therefore we offer high interaction and physical involvement in Construction – block play, dramatic play, messy play, climbing and balancing.

Activities include

  • Language development can involve noisy types of play e.g. life experiences play or role modelling.
  • Art & Craft (Creative exploration through art)
  • Mandarin (Exposure to a new language)
  • PMP (Perceptual motor program)
  • Soccer (Physical gross motor skills & body strength)
  • Guitar songs (Developing social and emotional skills)
  • Hey Dee ho Music (Auslan signs, role playing, instruments and stories)
  • Cooking (Cooking and nutrition)
  • Outdoor areas of exploration and discovery

Kangaroo Room: Kindergarten program

Our Kangaroo Room is run by an experienced Qualified Kindergarten Teacher who runs an accredited funded pre-school readiness program. These children fill everyday with learning and fun throughout a variety of independent, small and larger group activities. Children experience the joy of learning through stories, books, maths, social science skills and enjoy creative activities like painting, singing and drama.

All these activities are designed to prepare children for school and to be fun, so children don’t just learn, they love to learn.

Activities include

  • Letterland (An early literacy program)
  • Computer Gym (Computer based lessons to preschool children)
  • Show & Tell (Confidence, language and communication skills)
  • Mandarin (Exposure to another language)
  • Soccer (Develops gross motor skills, follow rules and team work)
  • Cooking & Nutrition (Promoting skills, builds science and nutrition skills and explores senses)
  • PMP (Body strength, hand/eye coordination and balance)
  • Art (Sensory experiences, painting, drawing, pasting, being creative)
  • Hey dee Ho (Music in a social setting to assist in childhood development)
  • Guitar Songs (Development in multiple domains, singing, dancing, instruments and role playing)
  • Self-help and development of independence
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Respectful relationships and responsive engagement


  • African Drumming (Music, rhythm and songs from Africa)
  • Wild Action (The zoo comes to you)
  • Drama Toolbox (Drama incursions on space and the body investigators)
  • The Jack & Molly Show (Fun entertainment for young children)
  • Living Eggs (Chicken hatching where children watch chicks hatch from their eggs) • The Bones show (An interactive incursion about our amazing bodies)
  • Little Woodworkers (Fun and engaging woodworking)
  • Seaweed Sally (Marine education program)
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